Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a week....

It has certainly been a heck of a week.  Time seems to be flying by and no sign of it SLOWING DOWN at all!

I haven't heard much from my Marine, other than an email here and there that is Literally 2 sentences long.  I am so looking forward to NO MORE emails and being able to actually carry on a conversation in person with him.  There has been NO emotion or feeling in his emails.  Just the tell the girls I miss them and love them.  And the  I will be home soon stuff. 

I had ANOTHER Drs appt on Tues.  I just haven't felt like myself.  I have HypoThyroidism (I think that's the one) and I take medication everyday to help.  Well I had my most recent bloodwork done on Sept 3.  I have YET to receive the results from that.  I have called 3 times and left messages 3 times for my PCM.  Thank you Naval Hospital for being so on top of things.... NOT!  I have all the signs that the meds NOT working right.  COMPLETELY exhausted ALL THE TIME!  Loosing my hair by the handfuls just to name 2 of them.  SO- I go in to see the doctor.  I tell him that my back is STILL hurting and I just am not feeling good.  I asked about the results to my test and he goes to check on them.  When he comes back in he starts to ask me the normal questions... How many kids do you have? Do you work? Is your husband home or deployed? etc.  Then he tells me that my Thyroid level is only at a 2. something and last time (in Feb) it was at a 4.25.... AH HELLO!  Yes it is totally OFF!  And what does the Dr. chalk it up to??? Wait for it... Wait for it.....
Yup! that's right my thyroid is off because of stress.  HE WOULDN'T change my dosage and wants me to wait til 2 months after my Marine gets back to get my bloodwork done again.... til things get back to "normal". I was so mad.  I actually broke down right there and cried. And all the Dr says to me is "it's good to cry. I think you need to call a friend or someone to TALK to them.  Or just pick up your baby and she can give you a hug and a kiss and make it ALL better" Well my girls are the reason why I don't lay in bed all day dude!  I mean SERIOUSLY!

Anyways, the rest of the week flew by staying busy with school stuff and just not feeling good.  We had planned to go back down to Camp Pendleton this weekend to go to the beach.... and so I was a good mommy and kept those plans, even though I felt HORRIBLE!  I even let Haylee (my oldest) bring along her friend, that I might as well call my own since she practically LIVES here!  She is ALWAYS here! Well that was a REALLY BAD choice!  Other than the drive down to Pendleton, that took 4 hours... THANK YOU traffic!  The rest of the time was argument and the silent treatment by this friend to Haylee.  She is one of those kids that can get on your nerves easy.  And she is NEVER wrong... according to her.  She is just brutal when it comes to fighting.  She talked about my daughter, Haylee,  to my other daughter, while Haylee was sitting right there. I finally said to her last night  "are you really that upset about a certain situation?" And what do I get?  She COMPLETELY ignores me and says NOTHING!  WOW!  I have done more for this little girl and I get to be treated like crap?  She came along and didn't help pay for any of her food.  Oh and then she tells me "we don't eat out at fast food."  I will tell you what... that is the LAST TIME she goes ANYWHERE with us.  Never again!  And when we dropped her off and home today not even a Thank you for letting me go or anything.
OH! and wait it only gets better.  My baby started running a fever.  But me, being the long time mom, thought it was her teeth coming in.  I gave her medicine and as soon as it kicked in her fever went away and she was back to her happy self.  Until last night at dinner she wouldn't move her head or neck.  It scared me... I thought she might have an ear infection that was paralyzing her.  I had no idea. So as soon as dinner was done we headed to the Naval Hospital ER, yes with 5 kids, by MYSELF! (I know I am crazy!)  Her fever was 102.8 and they were really worried when the triaged her that it might be meningitis, so they took her right back and within 10 minutes the doctor came in to see us.  They put us in an isolation room.  After a brief check of her the doctor felt her neck and then checked her throat.... STREP!  What?  She isn't even 2 yrs old.  But LUCKILY that is all it was and now after 3 doses of medicine she is back to her happy self and doing MUCH better.  
So I am hoping to get some SLEEP tonite, because I feel like I am already coming down with strep. Oh the joys.
Thanks for listening to my rants and my LOVELY week.  Hoping this week will be MUCH better!     

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