Saturday, September 18, 2010

They grow up too quick!

My sweet girls are growing in Leaps in bounds! 

I have really TRIED hard to soak in all the little moments with my girls.  The laughing, the crying, the playing games and using their imaginations.
(isn't she a cutie?)
My “little” girl, who is ALMOST 2 (Nov 3) starting counting yesterday.  She can count (all by herself) from 1 to 3 then she needs help with 4 and then goes, 5 through 9 all by herself.  She has made her momma proud!  She isn’t even 2.  She is learning her letters.  Loves colors, especially BLUE… yes she is MY daughter, I have taught her well.  She is a smart little cookie, as are all my girls. 

I sit back somedays and just watch my girls and think to myself… it is so sad that their daddy is missing all THIS.  But soon we will be able to Share in all THIS good stuff with him HOME!

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