Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It all ended good

With it being Labor day weekend, last weekend, I was HOPING to do something FUN and EXCITING with the girls.  The last Hoorah before no more time off of school for awhile.  I had talked to my mom and she said that my parents and brother would come visit us on saturday and stay until sunday.  But then saturday came and No gramma, papa or uncle David. Things happen I know but man, is it a let down for the girls. (I REALLY should stop telling them of plans until it REALLY happens)
So as we all sat for lunch on saturday I asked the girls what FUN thing they would like to do.  We came up with 4 choices....

Go to Big Bear (a little over an hour from us)
Go to the M&M Factory museum thing in Vegas (3 hours from us)
Go to visit Gramma & Papa (3 hours from us)
Go down to Camp Pendleton to visit friends and GO TO THE BEACH (3hours from us)

Well we decided to go to......... Pendleton!
We loaded up the truck with all the beach gear, the stroller and LOTS of towels, jackets and changes of clothes. Then we headed out Sunday right after church. We got down to Pendleton and surprised our friends the Dawson's.  What a shock to see the shock and surprise on their faces when we showed up at the door.  The best part was, it was like our kids have ALWAYS been together and we haven't been gone for 5 years.  They all had such a great time playing together and I loved chatting and catching up with my friend Andrea.
After our 2 1/2 hour visit we headed out to meet other friends at Chuck E. Cheese. (Yes we broke the sabbath, and yes I did go to Chuck E Cheese 2 times in 1 week.... that certainly doesn't HELP the waistline OR the wallet!)  The Dodd family is in the same boat as us these days... their daddy is deployed too.  Ann (Dodd's) marine and my marine worked together years ago.  We actually figured it out and we have been friends for 8 years now.  (man does time fly by) She has been my strength and was there to watch my 2 older girls when I had #3.   It was a great time to visit and watch the kids play.  Besides having to WAIT 45 minutes on our food, but thank goodness because they compensated us with FREE tokens, the trip to Chuck E. was Fun. Yes I said it.
(Riley- Ann's youngest)
All of kelsee's tickets
The Dodd Family

After the goodbyes we made our way to the hotel.  With it being Labor Day weekend, every place was either booked or WAY OVERPRICED! But we found a place to stay and all my girls cared about was there was a pool and a hot tub!
Here are a few of the FUN pictures we took from our hotel stay.....
Yes I LET my girls jump on the beds!
and they LOVED it!
And the adventure continued monday.....
(check out my next post)


  1. Talk about a small world but as I was reading your post I was already thiking of teasing you that couldve visited me and then saw who you visited and was like what the heck? I know the Dawsons!! We are in the same ward! That is so crazy!

  2. Hahaha... I say that because I was telling her all about your blog. :) That IS a small world! I wish I would've known I would LOVE to meet you!