Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is really hard to believe that it has been 9 years now since that day that changed AMERICA!  The day that changed ME.....  I will NEVER forget being woken up by a phonecall from my mom.... with no Hello. But with "so what does this mean for Matthew (my marine)?" What?  What was she talking about.  As I became a little more coherent, I asked her over and over... WHAT?  She said, "You have no idea huh?  Turn on your tv."  So I did just as the plane flew into the 2nd tower.  I was in shock from that moment on.  Was it all a bad dream?  Why?? Why would anyone do that?  To watch the images on the tv, it seems surreal. I felt the pain those people must've felt in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. As the day continued and the tragedy unfolded, I couldn't help but be glued to the tv ALL DAY! 

I held my 2 little girls tighter that day, they were ages 1 and 3. My Marine was at work and of course training and I couldnt get ahold of him for a long time.  Our lives changed that day.  As did the lives of so many others.  I WILL NEVER FORGET!  All those that gave their lives that day.... all the firefighters and policemen... all those that went into help.  All those precious miracles that happened.  Over the years I have read many stories of miracles that happened.  I would also say those tender mercies of the Lord.  We never know why we have some of the feelings that we do.  The feeling of You Shouldn't go that way to work today or  You are NOT supposed to leave yet. It truly makes me stop and think that the LORD has a plan for us.
I WISH with everything in me, that America could get back to that HOPE and STRENGTH and POWER that we had as a nation 9 years ago.  

As I ponder today about the meaning of 9-11 for me.....It has given me time to reflect on life itself and how precious it is.  I don't think I take anything for granted anymore.  I cherish my time with my girls and husband (what little time I DO get to have with him)   I am truly grateful for my 4 "little" blessings. Grateful that I get to be a mom and a wife, to one heck of a Marine! That I can be a daughter to the greatest parents alive.
All I have to say is Don't waste your time being angry or mad at someone.... it isn't worth it.  They could be gone tomorrow and you didn't ever get to say I AM SORRY.  Cherish what you have been blessed with. Live your life and love those around you.
To all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.... and to those family members they left behind.  THANK YOU! I personally will NEVER forget. 

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