Sunday, July 31, 2011

The terrible 2's

So this is what happens when it’s a little too quiet and a 2 year old is alone with baby powder
 (I know you are jealous of the 70's carpet huh?)

 (she even got it all over here.  AND it was only a travel size, mini bottle.  Imagine what the mess would be with the big bottle?)
and this was her sad face when she realized she was in trouble....

And how about markers? 

 and her sad face.... again
(yes that's a tear)
and then I told her I wasn't mad....

oh and what about scissors…. yes she has done it.... she cut her own hair and now all 4 of my little beauties have done it. let's hope it grows out quick.

My little angel has hit the Terrible 2 stage… getting into anything and EVERYTHING she can and making a mess (or really disaster) of it all!

I hope this stage passes quickly.  This mama is getting tired


  1. Oh no!!!! But it's so hard not to laugh!

  2. I know... that is the sad thing. I got mad and then said wait... I gotta take a picture first