Friday, July 29, 2011

The run around

This whole fractured wrist thing is totally for the birds….
**Note to self…. Next time (if there IS one) you fracture your wrist, do it while you are close to a Naval Hospital and you can just get it taken care of without having to jump through hoops and get the run around with Tricare (TriWest) and having them DENY your claim to see an Ortho doc to get a cast on.
This has been I think the most stressful week.  Not only have I had to deal with this fractured wrist, in a sling, 

But I have also had to deal with MORE phone calls and paperwork for “our” house.  We have sent it to another mortgage broker and  all is looking good.  We are at a week now that they have had the papers. So I am hopeful that all will work out. 
Problem is in all this, my marine has NO comprehension all the CRAP I have been through.  He doesn’t seem to think it is a big deal for me to pack up the 4 girlies and head 189 miles down the road BACK to 29 palms to get the cast put on my arm, oh that BY THE WAY is in a SLING!  Ya. Cuz that is safe.  Driving on California freeways, stop and go traffic, with 1 hand. NOT a good idea…. I’m just saying.  He was like “well driving down there and spending the money for gas ($190 at least) is better than paying the $384 out of pocket for the ortho visit.”  My reply… I don’t think so, but whatever you say.  Well needless to say I went against his wishes and stayed here and my brother helped me pay the money for the Ortho dr. here.  I am now the proud owner of this new fandangled  “cast”

(check out my fingers.. they are still swollen.... even after 4 days)
 it was like a neoprene glove they heated up at first.  I slipped my hand in it (which was OH SO PAINFUL) and then they molded it to my wrist/hand.  It got hard and is now my waterproof cast.  AWESOME!  I don’t have to go 4 weeks without a shower. (and YES that was a real concern of mine)  I went with this instead of a fiberglass cast for a few reasons… the waterproof thing, I wouldn’t have to come back for another visit to have them cut this off (I can remove it myself at anytime) and it is more lightweight and I can use my fingers too. 
So we will see if my marine even cares or asks about what I did.  He hasn’t seem to care this week.  Has not called to check to see how I was doing at all.  I have called and told him, the latest info on the run around with Triwest and all.  (can you tell I am a LITTLE grouchy?)  I wish sometimes all I had to worry about was ME. Must be really nice to be him! ALONE for the past 3 ½ months with no kiddos to worry about. Oh that’s right, it’s all MY worry and concern. It’s MY job to do that.
Ok my rant is over.  Maybe it’s the pain getting to me.  Time to take some vicodin and go to bed.


  1. Ahhh you poor thing! I swear men will NEVER understand what we go thru. My hubby is dragging me all over town to take care of business like DEERS & TriCare. I'm like "Hi remember me? I just left the hospital cuz I delivered our baby. Remember? You were there." Sigh. I swear.

  2. yup.... I have been there too. so frustrating. and I have decided they will never change either. after almost 20 years of being together it hasn't gotten better