Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Wanna know.... Link up


I am linking up with Queso and mamarazzi for this weeks We Wanna Know

{1} Who would you call if you had to get bailed out of jail?
That is a hard one….. I think it would be my husband.  He would give me grief for sure for ending up there but would be the most forgiving.

{2} If you were a superhero what would your hero name be?
Wonder Mom….. the mom who NEVER stops going.

{3} What do you think is one of your best qualities?
I think it would have to be my ability to find a deal and save our family  THOUSANDS of $$$$ every year!

{4} What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song?
Proud to be an American.  It truly is the theme song of my life.

{5} What celebrity do you think is most over rated
Can I say ALL of them?  9sure I can cuz it’s MY blog!!!)  I think that celebrities are WAY overrated.  There are many more important people who have sacrificed their lives and given of themselves who should be given the celebrity treatment.


  1. Wonder mom...never stops going. That's me right now.

    Wish I had that ability. The only thing that I've done is switch to cloth diapers. But that costed thousands of dollars to get a big enough stash right now.

    I said all of them too. Celebrities are over rated.

  2. Have you checked out my meme? If not, come take a stab at the questions: