Monday, July 18, 2011

He said WHAT?

Ok, so my mom runs a daycare and she watches mostly boys. I must say I am SOOO glad I have girls!  So everyday the Kids have rest time after lunch.  So during “rest time” on Thursday. This 5 year old says to my 7 year old “ I want to have SEX with you and Mark” , the 5 yr olds brother. 

WHAT?  My 7 year old then comes in to the kitchen where I was cleaning up from lunch and my mom was feeding a baby, to tell us this.  I was FURIOUS! I now have to explain to my 7 year old what SEX is.  I am NOT prepared for this. What is this world coming to. I so wish I could shelter my girls from this world.  It is becoming so scary and kids are learning things WAY TOO YOUNG!
So after hearing this, my mom calls this little boy in and talked to him. She asked him why he said that and what that even means. Well let’s just say he knows it involves touching girls chests. He also said he wanted to touch my daughter.  There was no yelling, no spanking, no timeout, no nothing!  Just a nice “chat”.  Me as the parent of the child that got asked the question, wants to ring the kids neck! I want to chew the parents of this kid out. But my mom said she would talk to the mom that STILL hasn’t happened. 

The problem is now I don’t even want my kids to be around him or even the rest of the daycare kids.  They have been blaming my girls for just about anything and everything that happens around here.  My girls, because they are older, have thought of fun games for them to play, skits to do, concerts to perform among other things.  These kids are not going to know what to do when we leave for Michigan. But then again my brother won’t know what to do either, since I have been doing HIS job for the past 3 months!  I love my mom to pieces but not quite sure that she handled this situation right.
Any thoughts?


  1. Don't wait for your mom to talk to the boy's mom. Do it yourself. Let her know that it is her responsibility to educate or shelter her children in an age-appropriate way.

    But I understand where you're coming from about doing other peoples' jobs. Start easing up on your "responsibility" now, and don't be nice about it.

    That's what I would do, anyway.

  2. uGH! i know how you feel, my sister-in-law's son, my nephew always plays with my girls and wanted to play "inappropriate" things and did a few weirdo things with them and i lost it! I cried and told my husband he better call his sister cuz i was so upset. I had to explain to them why it was wrong, to always say No if he wants to play certain things and to not care about "making a kid mad or them not being your friend" by saying NO. My SIL just said, "oh it's just kids being kids, curious whatever." I HATE that she never ever disciplines her kid to BEGIN with, but then totally blows off his inappropriate behavior. So if you can't talk to the boy yourself and let him know it was wrong, (which i'm glad your mom had a chat but did she explain how WRONG his behavior was? perhaps his own parents don't tell him this?) all you can do is educate your own girls as to what to do/say in certain situation and arm them with confidence that telling a trusted adult and saying No is the right thing to do.
    Sorry for you girlie!!

  3. Thanks girls for your help. I am just beside myself in this. Problem is I used to like the kid. But now I can't stand him. He parents are a bunch of screw ups!
    I have talked to my girls and they know to say NO! A part of me just wishes this would go away but I replay it over and over everytime I see the kid.