Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After 10 LONG weeks

After 10 LONG weeks of waiting for an answer to our ever daunting question…. When is our house going to close?  We got our answer today. 

Well at least NOT with a VA loan.  Although Bank of America has strung us along for the past 10 weeks just telling us we needed this paper or that bank statement or LES or  another credit report or OH take your name of this credit card or close this account etc etc etc. All along thinking we HAD the house. That is WOULD be ours in just a matter of time. Our hopes and dreams were SMASHED today when we were informed that the VA had denied us for a loan because of a “few late payments within the last 2 years” (this is what I was told today by my hubby) Thing is EVERYTHING is in MY name…. except for HIS truck, My truck. HIS motorcycle, and HIS 1 credit card. Let me break it down… His truck will be PAID OFF as of Sept 17th of this year (that is 2 more payments and we are DONE!) My truck has been paid on for almost 2 years and has NEVER been late! And His credit card is through our bank and has NEVER been late either.  I  would LOVE to know where they are coming up with “late payments” or are they just coming up with another excuse???  I am so tired of all the excuses. Problem is  if it REALLY WAS late payments within the last 2 years, that would have been on his credit report the 1st time and they knew about it 2 months ago. And there would have been NO REASON to string us along and get our hopes up.
Thing is my hubby Is now REALLY mad!  Not sure if it is all MY fault (since I am the sole taking care of getting the bills paid for….. well our WHOLE marriage.) or if he is realizing that HE is also responsible for the financial CRAP we have gone through in the past 14 years of marriage.  All that CRAP that I have somehow or another figured out how to pay for and pay off and fix on the measley military 1 income salary that he makes.  It will probably be a few days before I talk to my hubby again.  He needs TIME to blow off steam and get his head in the right spot before we will talk again.
I so want to call and chew out EVERY SINGLE ONE involved in our loan process.  It just isn’t FAIR!  Ya I said it. It just isn’t FAIR!  There are so many unanswered questions and Red flags throughout this whole process.  We SHOULD’VE changed the bank we were going through Long ago!  Or maybe it’s just the government is having to be so damn picky about VA loans because they have NO MONEY themselves and they can’t dole out anything they DON’T have!  Who knows.  All I do know is we are still HOMELESS after 10 weeks and we are no closer to being together as a family as we were 3 months ago.
Is there an EASY answer?  I sure hope there would be. But sadly there is not.  We have some choices about where we go from here. I just hope that before long it get figured out.
1 highlight of my day… after coming home from running errands with my girls. TRYING to get my mind of this CRAPOLA, my daddy came home with 2 balloons and a Gorgeous Rose for me.  To let me know that my parents love me and hoping for the best for our family. My sweet parents always know how to cheer a girl up!


  1. Wow that blows! So cliche but maybe something better is in store for you. I'll be praying for you :) and how sweet of your daddy!!!

  2. So sorry girl! That sure was sweet of your Dad though :)

  3. Thanks girls... I am so lucky to have such a sweet daddy.