Thursday, July 28, 2011


So     this is what happens when you go bowling with 8 little kids….

 You stick on the boards, on your 1st approach, you basically go flying through the air, foul, and land with all your weight (let’s say 120lbs -ahem) on your hand/wrist on the oil.  The result, being humiliated in front of a bowling alley FULL of people, not to mention all the little kids laughing because you fell. Sitting out 2 frames because the pain is more than you can bear…. Fighting back the tears and “getting back on the horse” and finishing the game with a 118. (I even bowled 3 strikes and 2 spares) Then after leaving heading to the ER to get xrays, to find out that you fractured your wrist in 2 places.  Now THIS

(a lovely splint)
Is my new best friend, awaiting casting by an Ortho specialist.  Oh the joys.  You don’t realize how much you NEED 2 hands until you don’t have the use of 1 of them.  About now I am aching for a nice long hot shower!
This couldn’t have come at a worse time,  But I have realized EVERYTHING happens for a reason…. Maybe my reason was so that I would SLOW DOWN!  It  definitely has done that.  Having to have my oldest help me get dressed (not fun by the way... I SHOULD be able to do that myself).  I have never been 1 to ask for help--- until now.  It is taking some getting used to, that is for sure!

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