Monday, January 24, 2011

24 days and counting.....

Our family's New Years Resolution was to Read the BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY

 With 4 little girls, it could be hard to follow through with that goal..... 

But it is amazing!  We are now in a routine... 24 days in and we haven't missed 1 day..... 

Even our sweet little 2 year old gets her scriptures and sits flipping through the pages.  She even wants her turn to read.  Repeating the verse as my marine or I say it to her.  I am shocked at how well our sweet 7 year old can read already. I know it is because of the scriptures. 

I did PRETTY GOOD last year with reading them, when my marine was deployed. But man, I have got some AMAZING girls!  Heavenly Father has truly blessed me and my family because we have been faithful in our daily scripture reading..... We WILL finish the Book of Mormon before the end of the year.

I really hope that my girls gain a testimony and a true LOVE
  for the scriptures and for their Savior.  I have.


  1. Wow that's awesome! Mine is a superb reader as wellfor the same reason. Though I started him on the kids' version first and he's since graduated and is now gearing up for baptism :)

    Yay for you guys!

  2. Good job. :-) This school year we switched to reading scriptures in the morning instead of at night (because quite frankly, by bedtime, I want them IN BED), and I can always tell the difference on the days we skip reading. Not missing any days is a fantastic goal!