Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Beef

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to watch The Biggest Loser. I have watched EVERY season since it began.  It is my marine's and my "date night" if you wanna call it that.  We sit and eat Ice cream (well we USED to anyways) and enjoy the show.  

this is the Season 11 cast.  22 New contestants.  This season is gonna ROCK

It is AMAZING to me to watch the transformations of all the contestants.  I know that they work out WAY more than I EVER could or have time for.  They get their food purchased for them, while they are on the ranch anyway.  They are pretty much told what they SHOULD eat and it is provided. Not to mention ALL the Subway they get too.
This show makes me step back and look at myself.  I have about 15 lbs that I would LOVE to loose.  Thing is with my thyroid issue.... it's basically good luck with that!  I am pretty well stuck at this weight, like it or not.  Maybe I can work my tail off, and loose a pound or two..... (I doubt it!)

Anyway, my BEEF is last night I posted on MY Facebook page, like always on Tues nights, something like this:
New season of the Fatties! Sweet :) This is gonna be a good season that is for sure!
Before I went to bed I checked Facebook again (sometimes it's like a drug.. I just can't stop)  There was a comment from a girl I grew up with. I actually am NOT sure why I am friends with her on FB anyway.  We have different views on things for sure.  She is a single mom of 1 who has NEVER been married.  She is just on a different level than me.  NOT saying that I am ANY better than she.  I just live a different life than she does.  Anywho... she makes a comment like this:
your comments are getting really crass. I think you have gone a little too far. It is NOT the fatties show. It is called the Biggest Loser for a reason. 
Well I stewed over that for awhile last night.  I took it personal.  It made me REALLY mad.  I even thought of deleting the status I left.  Than I wised up (is that even a phrase) and this morning when I got on FB No more comment from this girl.  My thought is I was gonna delete it anyway. And so long to you girly. I DON'T need people like her.  I know it might seem REALLY petty but it irks me to no end.  It is MY FB page.  I have every RIGHT to write what I want!  I have been knocked down for comments I made on political issues even.  Get over it people. If you can do it so can I!
Well enough of that.... just had to get it off my chest. I am better now :)  
 By the way... these are my favorites (so far)
 Moses & Kaylee


  1. This is one of my biggest biggest pet peeves too! Although i'm one to write back :) It'll probably hurt me in the long run! Love ya!

  2. I think it's funny that you have called it that for a long time. I always giggle when I reas your post about TBL. Oh well for her. Bye crazy nut job, right. Love ya Jen

  3. Thanks Tammy for being on my side :) If I offend people than I think they really don't know me. It is all in fun, not to be hurtful. Love you too my friend.