Monday, January 24, 2011

My RiTe AiD dEaLs

Some may say that coupons are NOT worth your time. Or that it's too hard to match up store sales to get the best deals.  Here are just 2 of my shopping trips last week to Rite Aid that PROVES it is TOTALLY worth it!  THIS is why I get to stay home with my girls and be a mommy and NOT have to work.  Finding and getting deals like this

 3 packages of Christmas cards for next year, 4 packages of Dixie plates, 3 single rolls of TP, 4 packages of HALLS cough drops, 2 foamies kids art projects, 2 candy canes,  (8) 6pk of Top Ramen, 1 Dove shampoo, 1 Barilla spaghetti and 1 Poppycock.

This was my 1st trip last week.  I got all this for $16.07 and got +UP rewards of $12.00 (So basically I got ALL of this for $4.07)
I saved $38.85 using my wellness card and saved $26.50 with coupons

 1 Oral B toothbrush, 2 Dixie paper plates, 3 rolls of TP, 2 HALLS cough drops, 1 Dove shampoo and 5 bottles of liquid TIDE

This was my 2nd trip to Rite Aid.  Got ALL of this for just $17.28 PLUS I got $12 +UP in rewards for my next shopping trip. (It SHOULD'VE been $15 I am not sure what happened???)  

I used my $12 +UP rewards from my 1st trip to help pay for this trip.  I saved $31.06 with my Wellness card and saved $32.00 with coupons.

These were awesome trips and I have $12 towards my trips this week.... You CAN save money and still get the things you WANT & NEED!  This is proof! 

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