Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have to say that my pantry/ laundry room is yet again ready for an overhaul!  It is in DESPERATE need of a redo.  I so wish i had a HUGE room that I could dedicate to food storage.  Some would say that I am a HOARDER of food.  My answer to that is NOPE!  Just prepared.  In our church, we believe we should have a YEAR supply.  Is that a bad thing to be prepared?  I THINK NOT!  You NEVER know when you will really NEED the stuff. OR when you will need to help a friend.

I was checking out blogs the other day and there was one who was all about pantry redo's and organizing. I have the shelves to organize, just NOT the time or space.  DANG it is frustrating!

Anyways, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE coupon shopping and getting deals. So this is the result of getting good deals and coupon shopping.....

 this is in my kitchen pantry

 this is in my garage.  YES I have it all over! (NOT just in the pantry/laundry room) Wherever I can put it.  My marine says that we need at least a 3 car garage so I can put all my CRAPOLA and then he can still have a "man garage"

Ok so this is somewhat organized.... but I still have ALOT of work to do!  

Now you MIGHT be saying to yourself... Dang! How much does she spend on groceries every week???? It MUST be a fortune.  Actually NOPE!  I have such a stockpile I usually only spend about $60 a week on groceries.  It CAN be done!


  1. You gotta force yourself to get it organized. Because until then you can't properly rotate and that would be the WORST thing ever to find out your foods have expired!!!!

  2. Man your food storage kicks my food storage's butt hardcore!!!!

  3. well as you can tell.... it needs A LOT of work! It is always a work in progress to rotate and keep up!