Friday, January 7, 2011

Saving .. gotta love it!

The baby and I were up and adem (if that is even how you spell that word) for an appt at 8am yesterday morning.  We were done (amazingly enough) by 830.  I was NOT gonna just sit at home all day. Then I would HAVE to CLEAN and do LAUNDRY! I was NOT in the mood, so instead we went on an adventure to find DEALS!  I am so glad that she puts up with my shopping :)

Well I made my way into Vons (the grocery store) I used to shop there ALL the time.  When it was just down the road.  It is 30 minutes from where we live now.  After walking around for a little bit these are the super deals I found.  Hold yourself back.... I didn't even have my coupon binder with me.  Just a few loose coupons that I had had in the diaper bag already.  I was so excited about what I got I even took a picture LOL

 (I use my mom's VONS club card because I don't have my own.... YET)
I paid $12.07 for all of that PLUS got these 2 catalina coupons.  $2 off my next order and $2.50 off 5 more Lunchables.  SO...

Because I got that coupon I went right back to see if there were more 50% off lunchables left.  YUP!  I scored 5 more.  Took them to the checkout and the cashier rang them up..

My total due.... $1.20 for 5 lunchables! (92% savings) PLUS I got ANOTHER $2.50 off coupon for more!  Oh and wait that $1.20 is WITHOUT even using the coupons from the 1st transaction.  The cashier said I couldn't use them because they exceeded the total amount due already.  So I still have all the coupons.  OH Yes believe me I WILL be heading back to Vons to check out more deals again! I forget how much I love that store!