Thursday, January 13, 2011

I need some help.....

I have been doing A LOT of blog hopping lately.  There have been days that it has consumed a FEW hours of my day (Ok I WON'T admit it's been more like 5 of 6 hours)

I am so grateful that there are SO MANY talented and Crafty people WILLING to share of their talents!  There are so many ideas out there that I WISH I came up with (or could even do for that matter)  
On facebook a few days ago there was a post going around about paying it forward in 2011 and MAKING something for 5 people that signed up to pay it forward too.  Well I guess I am pathetic or something because out of my 282 friends 3 signed up. YUP just 3.  And the sad thing was the three were my 2 sisters and 1 cousin.  WTHeck is up with that?  I AM crafty (in a way) I have a SUPER idea to send to people.  I SOOOO want to make it and noboby wants my gift. Boo Hoo.  Ok so enough feeling sorry for myself.  

So I am passing this offer onto any of my 19 followers..... ANY of you that want to make something HOMEMADE and PAY IT FORWARD and want to receive a HOMEMADE gift from ME just leave me a comment.  (If I don't have your address you can email me that if you'd like or leave it here too)  PLEASE don't let me DOWN! 
My GOAL for 2011 is to make it a HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS.  My marine and I are planning on this and so that means I gotta get to work. YES ALREADY!  I need to figure out some fun stuff that is just the right thing for our family. And YES my goal is also to get CHRISTMAS gifts done and mailed BEFORE CHRISTMAS this year.  I sure hope that starting NOW I can accomplish my goal!


  1. LOL. It's not that I don't want something crafty made by you, it's that I don't want to come up with an idea to send to 5 people. LOL But I guess I'm game and I can send something to 5 people who won't know it's coming. :)