Saturday, March 19, 2011


Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Sydney Nicol!  She truly is a BLESSING in our family!  She is my #2 and has ALWAYS been so sweet. She is the one to give me hugs and kisses STILL and tells me I LOVE YOU! (without being coerced)

Here are some EARLY pictures of my sweet girl

isn't she cute?  (I so miss her being a "baby")

Here are a few from today's festivities.....

 the "purple basketball" cake
 Bowling with sisters and Sydney's friend, Faraah

 my marine and I played a game of Pool.  Our girls were SHOCKED that WE knew how to play..... hey kids what do you think we used to do on our dates????
 the girls were dancing to the jukebox 

 game #2 scores
 by game #2 they were more interested in playing pool than bowling

 Kelsee's new "hairdo"
 Sydney's gifts, Purple SNUGGIE

 purple converse
 Willow Tree figure
 Make a wish Syd!

 daddy LOVES messing with his girls!  And oh yes, she did get her 11 spankins

(just 4 short days and this sweet girl will be a TEENAGER!  She is turning 13 on the 23rd! Heaven help me! I sure am gonna NEED it!)

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