Friday, March 25, 2011

MY Homework

Kelsee had homework from last week that had to be turned in on Tues morning.... so you know what I was doing Sunday night and monday????
Her homework was to come up with a restaurant menu, that had a Fairy Tale based name.  ALL the items on the menu (15+, NOT including drinks) HAD to be Fairy Tale based names (for example, 3 Little Pigs breakfast) OH! and don't forget.... that 2nd grader needs to have colored pictures for EACH menu item AND it has to be typed on the computer.  (are you kidding me?  She is 7.  Do you really think that she can make something look good and be turned in for a grade, all on her own????)  
And then to top it off she had to have prices for each item.  Take 4 orders and then add and total the orders. WOW! That was enough homework for a couple weeks, but she also had to read 4 books.
Have you ever sat down with a 2nd grader to do homework??? Let me just say, it was VERY challenging!  I sat down every night with her last week and then after about 45 minutes gave up because I was doing all the work anyways.
Well, after staying up late printing up the menu lists and pictures we FINALLY finished it, in the nick of time, Tues morning.... just before she walked out the door for school.  OH don't you worry, I was so proud of MY HOMEWORK, I took pictures to share with ya'll.  Tell me what you think...

so I really hope I get a good grade on MY homework!  So glad we are done with it.....

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  1. Great Job! Is homework for Parents or students, nowadays?!?