Sunday, March 6, 2011

He's BACK!

Ok so he was only gone for a month. But still.  This last month has pretty much been CRAPOLA! Isn't that always the case when the guy leaves?  Well, it certainly happened to me! You name it, it happened.  

I was so looking forward to my marine coming back home. He got home last thursday night at 12:15 am (so actually it was friday morning)  He had called me from his layover in Chicago and said he wanted me to pick him up from work that night.  That is totally NOT like him.  He usually wants me to drop off his truck early and he just comes home.  So I did what he wanted.... I cleaned our room thursday night (ya know cuz I let it go and didn't keep up with the mess while he was gone)  I also dyed my hair!  YUP NO MORE GRAY! Note to self... DO NOT dye your hair at 1045pm.  You might not do the best job. :) I'm just saying.
So I go to pick up my marine... oh ya, they had to take a WHITE bus all the way from LAX to 29 Palms. NOT a comfy ride (he said) and they drive SO SLOW!  It took them 10 minutes to get through the gate to his work. (a drive that should MAYBE take 5 minutes) WAITING TAKES FOREVER!

We didn't go to sleep friday morning til after 1am.  Then guess what? YUP! My marine was awake before 4am. (NOT THAT KIND OF AWAKE!) And when I say awake he was up and dressed! He was still on Germany time.... 9 hours ahead. Plus he had slept on the flight and the bus ride home. So he was Wide awake.  Thank goodness he went out into the livingroom and watched tv.

Anyhow, we had made plans to go out on a date OVERNIGHT and have my friend watch the girls.  I was so looking forward to getting away.  We went to dinner at Olive Garden in Palm Springs.  Then instead of staying down there... we came back home and went to the base theater to see Country Strong (ya, it was actually a good movie) and then headed home.  Weird being in the house WITHOUT my girlies.  I missed them and kept thinking I SHOULD CALL TO CHECK ON THEM. But I didn't.
So now life is back to "normal" it's like my marine never left.  Life is filled with tv and sleeping.  (Is my husband the only one who is like that?)  Only a month of him home then he leaves again for another month..... oh the joys!

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