Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!
For some reason, I have totally gotten into "Celebrating" holidays... even small, silly ones like St. Patrick's Day.  I am NOT one to make Cornbeef & cabbage. (I can't stand the stuff and I am NOT making my family eat it either!)

But I did decorate my house (which I ALWAYS do) and got GREEN shirts for my girls

 oh! and don't forget the mama

, and made GREEN treats for them.

  And tonite I made a GREEN dinner (well as much as I could without totally GROSSING out my marine.  (he said, I like to see GREEN outside, NOT on my plate!)

(this is what you get when you TRY to take a picture of your PRE TEEN!)
Oh! and SHOCKER  or all SHOCKERS... my marine LET me take a picture of him too

I made GREEN mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy over it, GREEN beans, GREEN jello, GREEN salad, Rolls (no I didn't make them green... they came from a can!) and GREEN juice!  My girls absolutely LOVED it all!  They told me I was the BEST Mom! :) That makes it ALL WORTH IT!!!
 I sure hope ya'll had a FUN St. Patrick's Day!  Now we have 2 birthday within the next week and then on to EASTER!!!

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