Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am totally in a FUNK!

I have totally been in a FUNK the last few weeks.  You would think once my marine got home from GERMANY, things would be GREAT and WONDERFUL!   Tis not so this go round..... Not to spill all the details but Dang!  My marine LOVES to spend MOOLA!  He is not just a few dollar spender either.  He likes to spend LOTS of MOOLA.... LOTS of times! Which only equals out to be WAY MORE MOOLA than I wanted to see disappear from our account.  So I had to be the big mean wife and ask about it.  Of course all this was spent while he was gone!  And communication was like, well.... next to NOTHING! And him, being a man, didn't share the info with me.  I got to find it out all on my own as I was trying to pay bills and checked the bank account.
Anyhow- needless to say it turned into a HUGE argument and we went for almost 2 days without talking.  Of course he was over it quick and could care less.  Me on the other hand, I hold grudges and especially since NOTHING was resolved and I got NO ANSWERS to my questions. 

Life gets to me sometimes!

My thing is, HOW in the world am I supposed to hold down the "fort" at home, take care of my girls, grocery shop, pay the bills and get what we NEED if I have NO FLIPPIN' clue what money there is to spend??????  I can't possibly balance a checkbook, not knowing everything that is going out.  See I even said to my WONDERFUL Marine.... "Put yourself in MY shoes"  His response.... "I don't balance the checkbook.  You could spend as much money as you want and I would have no clue."   WELL just a little sidenote... I DO spend money... bits and pieces here and there on the girls, him and our house.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't pay full price and HARDLY ever buy anything for just ME!

Am I taking things to personally?  I don't know.  But I feel like MONEY has put a wedge in between us, actually throughout our whole relationship. I am the SAVER, thrifty, coupon cutting fool and he spends TONS of money without a thought!  All the BIG purchases in our relationship... YUP!  They would be HIS.  So how do I change this?  Or how to I deal with it?

I NEED some advice!

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE my marine with all my heart.  He has been a wonderful provider for our family.  He is a super dad. He is a good husband (most of the time, LOL )

Sorry for the vent..... I just think this is why I am in my FUNK!  I wish I could just GET OVER IT!  But I can't!


  1. Have him pay the bills, do the grocery shopping (with you if he cant manage on his own....my husband cant :) ) , fill up the cars with the gas etc. Then let him see just how far the money really goes. Its ALWAYS an eye opener when I sit down with my husband and show him where our money is going and how fast things add up! Good luck girl!

  2. Thanks Carrie. I have tried to sit down with him and show him, MANY times! He gets really overwhelmed and doesn't get how it all actually Works out.