Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crafting my heart away

So February is GONE! and March is HERE!  Which means... taking down the Valentine's decor and putting up my St. Patrick's day stuff.  Compared to All the other holidays.... I have the least amount of St. Patty's day goodies to decorate my home.
SO.... Instead of cleaning my house and catching up on ALL the laundry. I made a trip to the Dollar Store and Wally World, to pick up a few craft supplies.  I have really enjoyed making Valentine wreaths last month, so I decided to try my hand at one for St. Patty's day too. (I even did KIND OF a Tutorial... Give me a break, it was my 1st time)

So here we go.
Ist I took this (bargain at just $1)

then I added this green yarn whole thing was $2.97 (my girls picked out the color)

wrapped it around tightly so that there were no holes.  Secured it with some hot glue. 
Then I added this floral pin to the back to hang it up on the wall.  And WALLAH! (is that even how you spell it?)

Then I added these.  Got a package of them for just $1.97 at Wally World. 

So here is the FINAL product. What do ya think?

(I stuck it on the wall outside... trying to figure out where to hang it.  I like the way it looks in my entry way.)
Here is another wreath I did.  I took old puzzle pieces, painted them green and then added them to another dollar wreath wrapped in crepe paper.  whole thing cost me $1.00 for the wreath

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  1. Wow, you are so crafty! I LOVE it! That must have taken so much patience to wrap the yarn around over and over. You rock.