Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's been a few weeks.....


Man the last few weeks have been a DOUZY (is that even how you spell that LOL)

I CONFESS that I have been 1 TICKED off wife lately!

I CONFESS MONEY is the reason why!

I CONFESS my marine doesn't seem to CARE that I am so ticked!

I CONFESS that although I want to hold back and NOT be confrontational, I NEED to get to the bottom of the situation and find some ANSWERS!

I CONFESS after MANY arguments and asking.... I still haven't gotten ANY answers (unless you call SILENCE an answer..... but then I just ASSUME!)

I CONFESS that after VENTING to a good friend of mine, I KNOW I am NOT alone in this MONEY situation "issue" and that I still have to LOVE my husband NO MATTER WHAT!

So I CONFESS, I DO still LOVE my marine, I just am REALLY TICKED off at him still!

I CONFESS that I am tired of being the one to put up with all the crap.... makes me wanna go be a "naughty girl" for once! (NO! Not that kind of naughty)

I CONFESS after this confession I am sure that you are all very CONFUSED! LOL


  1. Thanks for following. I can totally relate to finances, luckily I take care of the finances and I spend most of it too, so any anger usually is directed my way ..........hope it gets better for you!

  2. Money problems are just the worst, i say get naughty. it might make you feel better (:

    Hey, i have a favor to ask. (I thought i asked last week but now i am not sure i did.)

    When linking up to Friday Confessional we ask that you link your actual confession post and NOT just your blog url. That looks like this:

    We want this one:

    You can get the FC url to link by clicking your FC post title and grab the new url from the address bar. Easy peasy.

    I go through and fix all of the links that aren't done right and it is an easy fix, but of course I would rather spend that time reading people's confessional posts and commenting. I change your's every week, so doing this would save me a lot of time, thanks!

  3. Oh my heck, I didn't realize that I wasn't doing it right.... sorry. I am still kinda "new" to all the linking up things. I WILL fix it and be better next week. Promise :)

    Vanessa- My big problem is, I DO DO ALL the finances. But my WONDERFUL husband SPENDS like there is no tomorrow and NEVER tells me! UGH! Thanks for your comment.

  4. Money problems are awful and definitely the source of arguments in many households...hope it gets better!