Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things are ever changing....

1st of all I wanna send a BIG OL' Thank you to the MARINE CORPS for changing our orders yet AGAIN!

No more HAWAII for us.... NOPE!  No fun in the sun on the beach 24/7.... it is now

What in the world you ask is in Battle Creek, MI?  Well, apparently there is a reserve unit there that my marine will be in charge of.  We are HOPING that he will NOT be deployed (but we are guessing it is a REAL possibility with all the Crap going on all over)

So we are going from this nasty brown desert of

to beautiful green of Michigan

right in the beginning of spring!  Oh and did I forget to add that they want us there by the end of March?  WTC? There is NO WAY we can jump through hoops that fast and get outta here.  We still have to give our 30 days notice for our housing!

I am a LITTLE worried about moving (but that is NORMAL for me)  I am thinking about the schools for my girls, area to live... (this will be the 1st time living in CIVILIAN housing!) and oh! Don't forget the SHOPPING!  What grocery stores are there?  Is there a commissary close? I am freaking out just typing all of this..... What is it gonna be like, living a "normal" civilian type life?  Not so sure about it! But looking forward to the NEW adventure!


  1. Whoa, that's quite the change of plans! Hopefully you are able to get everything in order without too many headaches.

  2. Ok girl, you need to contact me. One of my closest friends just left there last year, same unit. They are in hawaii now. I need to tell you about it there and have her tell you about it too.