Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gotta find the right ones

My little 2 year old LOVES shoes! She has from day one.  Yesterday I was helping one of my daughters with something and I hear my little 2 year old SCREAM.  That is her NEW "thing"! She IS 2 and I guess thinks but SCREAMING I will listen to her more or she will get what she wants. I came around the corner to find this....

 (Notice the EMPTY drawer next to her and the PILE of shoes)

I asked her what was wrong and she looks up and me and says....
Momma I trying to find shoes.  I can't put it on. HELP ME.

 We got her shoes on (the RIGHT feet.... after I took pictures of course)  and then I went back to help my other daughter.  I came back to the hallway to find this happening....

She put every shoes Back in the drawer..... and I didn't even ask her to do it!  Such a proud mommy moment!

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