Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to loose 5 pounds in 2 days...

Just a couple of posts ago, I was complaining about my weight and needing to workout to LOOSE weight!  Well just 2 days later I got a HORRIBLE tooth ache.  After a full day of popping Advil every 3-4 hours I called my mom in PAIN!  She begged me to call the dentist.  So I caved, after 6 years of NOT going!  

Just a LITTLE background....

I am DEATHLY afraid of dentists!  I am NOT kidding!  They put a fear in me that is indescribable!  I have had this fear since I was a little girl.  I have HORRIBLE teeth and no enamel on them so I was at the dentist REGULARLY as a child.  My parents, both self employed at the time and parents to 6 small children, did what they could.  The dentist we saw was a member of our church.  Thinking he was a GOOD dentist and made it available for my parents to make payments for the services rendered. we kept going to him. I remember having to go in for root canals on all my molars (ya I had A LOT of cavities, don't judge me)  It seemed like I had them done like 2 days apart. I was in SO MUCH pain I swore I would NEVER go back.  And I didn't.... at least NOT to that dentist.  But a few years later my parents had found another AWESOME dentist to take care of our family.  LUCKILY he was able to pull out ALL of my molars that had broken or were abscessed. So needless to say I HAD to keep my wisdom teeth to that I would have teeth in the back to chew with.

Ok, so after that LONG story, here we are this past thursday (just 2 days ago)  I called a dentist out here and they had me in the office within 45 minutes.  Prescribed me medication and made an appt for the following morning to PULL that tooth.  So I took the med's, which made me violently ill, throwing up all night.  I made it to the dentist Friday morning and after a LONG pep talk from the dentist and TONS of numbing shots, the tooth was out.  After a few stitches, I was on my way.  I went to pick up my baby from my friends house right after.  I barely made it back in the car and down the road before it hit me and I threw up again.  I made it home... put the baby down for a nap and TRIED to sleep off the numbing  medication.  Well it wore off and the pain hit me like a ton of bricks!  I have a very high tolerance to pain, but this is way more than I can handle. Plus getting sick from the medication is making it even worse.

So I made it through friday, eating just a jello pudding and a slurpee. I got on the scale this morning and it said I had LOST 5 lbs.  My first thought was SA-WEET!  But then I thought, it's all gonna come back when I start to eat again.  Dang it!   I haven't been able to eat much today... some jello and a banana.  The pain is still intense and I can't wait for it to go away!

(thanks for listening to my sob story)

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  1. Oh my heck, this sounds so awful! So sorry I hope you feel better soon. When I'm a hygienist I'll have to clean your teeth :)