Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a bit of Valentine's yumminess....

I Tried to make the BEST of Valentine's day this year.  I feel like crap YUCK! My mouth is STILL killing me after having my tooth pulled friday.  I hardly have energy to stand.  BUT I knew I needed to make something for the girls to take to their teachers and  friends for Valentine's.... PLUS I wanted to make them a special treat too.... to show them I LOVE THEM! (I think they already know, but still.)

Here are just a few of the yummy treats we I made (ok maybe I had a little help from my girls)

You CAN'T go wrong with CHOCOLATE!  I also made Heart shaped brownies for my girls but forgot to take pictures. That was their "Valentine's treat" they took to have at school, from MOM!

I then made (decorated) these tshirts for my girls

(my oldest said she was too old to wear one... that's why there is No picture of her)

I figured I would add a few of the Valentine's decorations around my home.... some I made, others I bought. Can you tell which I made???

Happy Valentine's to all my 4 little Valentine's.....I am a pretty lucky mom!

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