Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why is WEIGHT always an issue?

Man the last few months I have felt so BLAH!  I am NOT fitting into my clothes, like I used to AND I refuse to go up a size in my jeans!

  I am NOT supposed to be this weight! But because of my HypoThyroid it is REALLY hard to workout and actually LOOSE weight! I worked out (6 days a week) and dieted, for almost a year before having my last baby and I finally lost 10 lbs before I got preggo.

As I sit here typing I've got the whole "dunlap" going on (my belly Dun lapped over my jeans, as my marine says)  I feel YUCKY!  I have the best of intentions. Saying that I am gonna workout 1st thing in the morning. Then the baby has other plans and is crabby so that is out the window.  So it gets pushed back until the girls go to bed.... then I am EXHAUSTED and have NO energy to workout.  
What is my deal?  I DO NOT wanna be a fatty! I haven't been this heavy since I was preggo with my babies.  After having my last baby I got down to 128. I would DIE to be that again! BUT that would mean I would have to loose just about 20 lbs.  What to do????  I know diet, exercise and take care of myself.  I know the answers I just have NO motivation to do it..... except if I DON'T do anything I will have NO clothes to wear soon!

I sure wish food didn't taste so good.... scratch that.... I wish TREATS didn't taste so good :)
MAYBE I can get some motivation SOON! Now would be the time to do it since my marine is gone for the next 3 1/2 weeks..... I need HELP!


  1. So I got your blog from another blogger and ... I feel like you and I are sisters or something? lol I am feeling the SAME exact way right now! & I also have a thyroid problem (BLAH) I hate it! My problem is - no motivation and I have started so many diets before and just end up failing so then I end up not wanting to even try because I know I will fail!!

    Wish I could help you but I am in the same boat!!! Good luck girl :)

  2. It is so hard! I lost 8.5 pounds and had 7 more to go to get to the target weight my doctor set. Then... I got sick for a week. Only a week. Guess what? Gained 7 effing pounds back. Why?!