Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THIS is clean???

I asked my girls before bed last night if they had cleaned up THEIR bathroom.... After they take showers, I can go in there and there are clothes EVERYWHERE!  Although there is a laundry basket RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR (I am NOT kidding) The clothes, I guess, belong on the FLOOR or in some cases the bathroom counter.

So I go into the bathroom THIS morning and this is what I see....

Yes those are the clothes from last night when my daughter changed... notice they are righ by the potty, which means all 3 of my girls had to STEP OVER THEM last night AND this morning!  And it boggles my mind that NO ONE picked them up!!!

 I guess the hand puppet is waiting patiently to brush his teeth, or wash his hands... or maybe just MAYBE waiting to be put AWAY!!!!

This drives me Nutso!  The problem DIDN'T stop there though.  I then went and opened my daughter's bedroom (2 of my girls share a room- by THEIR choice!)  this is what I see

 My question is HOW do you even find space to SLEEP on your bed with all the CRAP??? And right in front of the dresser.... it a mound of CLEAN clothes, now all bunched up in a ball! Thanks mom for all the TIME you spend cleaning my clothes and folding them... I think I will just throw them on the floor and stomp all over them!

Really???? And do you notice the NEW bedding set STILL in the bag almost 2 weeks after buying it.  They still haven't cleaned off their beds so we can put it on.
So YES I am NOT a very happy mommy today.... I feel ANOTHER lecture coming on.... and MAYBE even some groundings! But WHY do they have to do this NOW? I feel like a mac truck ran me over!


  1. Definitely add that to their chore chart! I did!

  2. Oh it IS on their chore list already and this was their thought of "clean"

  3. Totally laughing! I think you came to my house and took pictures of my kid's bathroom! I am so glad I am not alone in this battle! Thanks so much for following me, and now, I am your newest follower!