Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday fun

Yesterday we (me and my girls) spent the morning YET AGAIN switching rooms and rearranging things to "fit" everything.  We just moved the girls rooms not even 2 months ago. #2 wanted to share a room with #3, so we changed rooms around. That didn't last very long.... actually just 2 weeks after she was asking to switch again.  I have said NO! so many times.  SHE chose to switch in the first place. BUT as like with most moms (I think) I was HEN PECKED until I gave in and gave her what SHE wanted!  Was it really a BIG deal to change things around.... Not so much but there was LOTS of toys to re-arrange thanks to the nix of the "playroom". And as of tonite #2 still hasn't finished putting her "new" room together!  WHATEVER!  I know take a DEEP breath... it will be ok. She is a kid, it's
"NORMAL" (this is what people keep telling me)

So after a few hours of cleaning and re-arranging stuff, I decided I needed OUT!  I took the girls to lunch and then we headed to Yucca Valley to run some errands. Not all the girls wanted to go, but the news was expecting SNOW out here and I didn't want to get stuck 30 minutes from my girls without a way to get to them... so I was a mean mommy and MADE them go shopping!  Can you believe it?  HOW RUDE of me!!! LOL (That's what I told them)

After hitting Wally world, we went over to Great Clips for haircuts.  They just opened and are having an AWESOME deal of $4.99 a haircut!  So the 3 older girls got haircuts.  They look so cute

 This is my #1 daughter.  She is ALMOST 13 (in less than  a month)  She LOVED her cut yesterday when she got it done. but today she isn't sure about it since she can't put it in a ponytail!

 #2 LOVES her cut.  A-Line just like mommies.

 #3 says she didn't NEED pictures, "cuz it looks the SAME mom!"  But it looks healthy! All the yuck got cut off.

and then #4 COULDN'T be left out of the pictures...

this is my little princess that makes us laugh!

So anyways, the rest of our day yesterday was in the middle of haircuts, the baby (#4) says.... momma what is that stuff outside?  I looked and it was SNOWING!  It wasn't sticking to the ground but man it was coming down. SIDEWAYS of all things. So after the haircuts, we stopped in to Subway to get dinner and then went ran to the truck. We sat and watched the snow come down. It was so pretty. But of course as we made our way back to this craphole place it was dry with barely a cloud in the sky.  No snow for us in 29 :( No pretty white stuff to look at. Just colder than heck!

All in all it was a fun day with my girls.  I miss just hanging out and shopping with them.  Since #1 is getting older I don't get that much anymore.

Oh! and because I MADE my girls take pictures, they said I NEEDED one to.... 

how nice is that??? NO makeup. That is AU NATURAL!  Thanks girls :)
(I honestly am NOT sure why I even posted this picture)

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