Saturday, February 26, 2011


This week at RITE AID they had some AWESOME deals.  I couldn't pass them up, so I even went twice!  I am now stocked on diapers for a couple months.  Here was my 1st trip

 Diapers, hair color, makeup, paper towels and Johnson's baby stuff
missing from the picture is valentine's Fun Dip box, Nutter Butter cookie single (the baby HAD to have it) 2 packages of Oreo's & 5 Reese's single peanut butter egg & 5 Cadbury egg single. SORRY I forgot all about them when I was taking the pictures.

(BTW- I Rite Aid clearance ROCKS! Go check it out)

 these are close ups of the items

I saved $53.37 with my wellness + card and then saved 
$54.35 in coupons

I spent $40.78 on all of that and got $24.00 in +UP rewards back.  SO I went back tonite and got this stuff

More haircolor, shampoo, conditioner, Johnson's baby stuff, diapers, paper towels, nail polish and cadbury eggs. PLUS some yummy easter candy (they had it buy 1 get 1 free) OH! And the Right Guard body wash
I got all of this for $28.50 and I got $24.00 in +UP rewards for next time!  saved $32.69 with my wellness + card and $46.00 in coupons.

Rite Aid is definitely WORTH the trip! Can't wait to see what next week sales are like!

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