Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have to get something off my chest.... I have a beef with the New "SUPER TARGET" here where my parents live.  It is a really nice store, don't get me wrong.  They now have a regular Target and a Super Target here in Simi Valley.  I hadn't been to the new store, until last night.
Target had a bunch of new movies on sale for $9 and I COULDN'T pass it up!  So I headed to the Super Target, with my brother, after I put my girls to bed.  Sure it closes at 10pm but we made it there at 940pm.  20 minutes BEFORE closing!  As soon as we get in the store, the announcements started... our store will be closing in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes..... or store is  now CLOSED!  and at 10pm on the dot, the LIGHTS began to turn OFF! No joke.  We were NOT the only ones left shopping in the store.  There were 2 other people after us that got to the check out lane.
How ridiculous is that?  My thought is, if you have shoppers in the store AFTER closing.... so what!  The longer I am in the store the more likely I am to SPEND more money!  I am really thinking I need to call the Corporate office... That is so NOT the way to run a business.  Ridiculous. PLUS as we were checking out the little kid (ya I can call him that because he looked like he was about 16 MAYBE) he had his boxers hanging out the top of his pants and his tshirt didn't even hit the top of his pants. GROSS!  something I didn't wanna see.
Do you think I am being a little harsh or do you think that is Not a way to run a business????

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