Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The waiting part stinks

We found out a little over a week ago the my marine was going to Germany for a month...... thing is he was SUPPOSE to leave this morning at 4am.  He got a call yesterday around 5pm saying the flight had been changed due to the weather.  He, of course, has been packed since yesterday afternoon.  So now he is SUPPOSE to leave tonite (tomorrow morning) at 1am.  

So now we WAIT!  AGH!!! It is driving me nuts.

The last few hours before "they" leave for any deployment or training is stressful.  Our girls OF COURSE were going nuts tonite.  Driving my marine CRAZY!  After we read scriptures together and had family prayer all the girls said good nite/goodbye to daddy...... none of them really realizing daddy was leaving. Then they got to their rooms and all cried. :(  Then it was time to put the baby to bed.  She has SOOOO hit the TERRIBLE TWO'S!!! She kept saying no! when daddy asked for a hug and kiss bye bye.  I picked her up and she started to SCREAM... not just cry but BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM!! Which in turn made my marine TICKED OFF!  So he said Just put her to bed.  No good bye. No kiss. NOTHING!  I feel HORRIBLE.  Now I am playing the "WHAT IF" game.  It is making me crazy.  Why does this time have to be so stressful?  I know it's only for 1 month, but Come on!  It is always like this.  You get so frustrated and mad at them for dumb little things that you WANT them to leave.  But I don't REALLY  want him to leave.  There is so much happening this month and he is gonna miss it all! YET AGAIN.  But then again, that is nothing new.  It is ALWAYS left on MY shoulders.
So after putting the girls to bed we watched our last BIGGEST LOSER episode together.  It's our tuesday "date nite".  Now that that show is over, we wait.  Here I am on the computer and my marine is flipping through channels.  We still have a couple hours of this.  Man I can think of another way I would rather be spending this time......


  1. I know as much as the waiting stinks, its cool he's going to Germany! Guy would be in HEAVEN!!! Whats he going there for?

  2. He is going there to be a trainer/observer for the Georgians in Germany. They sent 17 of the guys from his unit that are PCSing from here soon.