Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my score at Walgreens

Last week I stopped by Walgreens.  I got there just as the manager was marking down the toys..... He marked all the $6.98 toys down to $1.74 PLUS it happened to be Wed., which meant MILITARY DISCOUNT DAY of 15% off.  SAWEET!
I got $132.62 worth of toys, PLUS a package of diapers, 7 binders, 2 packages of stickers and 3 pencil pouches all for $42.12 PLUS I got $2 in  Register Rewards for next time! 

Here is all my LOOT


  1. SO I have been thinking about the whole coupon thing but I have a question, Where in the world do you store everything you get?

  2. Good Job! I would have loved to of gotten the littlest pet shop. I might have to check my Walgreens. I found your blog from looking at Lacee's. If you want to see mine send me your email and I'll send you a link, it's a private blog.

  3. Carrie.... I have TOTES of stuff PLUS I give alot of it away to family and friends. I am stocked that is for sure