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Military Spouse Survey

ok So I found this on a blog that I follow and thought it would be fun to do it on mine.... so glad that these other military wives come up with great ideas that I can "borrow"

Jenifer (yes it REALLY is spelled with 1 N)
35.... wow its scary to actually put that in writing 
Name of spouse:
Age of spouse:

What Branch of the Military is your spouse in?
Marine Corps, Semper Fi!

Have you ever been in the military or are you currently in the military?

If you have ever been or are currently in the military, what branch?

Has your spouse ever been deployed, if so, when and where to?
yes.  He was deployed 1 time to Okinawa, right before we got married. then he has also gone to Kuwait, Iraq 3 times and now Afghanistan

If your spouse was deployed, how badly did you miss them?
I miss him like Crazy! But it is mostly the "little" things I miss the most.

If your spouse was deployed, how long were they gone for?
he has been gone for anywhere from 6-8 months at a time, times that by 6 deployments = ALOT of time GONE

If your spouse was deployed, did they get R&R, and if so, what did you do for it?
NOPE.... no R&R for him, just training training and more training!

Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?
Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, CA (aka THE STUMPS)

Do you like the benefits you recieve as a military dependant?
Yup! With the country with the way it is today... there is no way we can beat the free health care and military housing.

Do you appreciate what your spouse's job entails?
He is always gone taking care of other people's responsiblities.  He puts his heart and sole into being a MARINE and is the best at what he does.

Do you support your spouse as member of the United States military?
Of Course!

Do you like military life?
I actually love it.  I am kinda worried when my Marine retires in 5 years and being in the "real world".  Besides the deployments back to back... I really love being a Marine's wife

Do you and your spouse have children, and if so, how many?
4 girls (12, 10, almost 7- in Aug. and 20 months)

Do you think your spouse looks good in uniform?
He looks HOT in his uniform!

Do you think military life is more advanced then civilian life, why or why not?
I think as military we have to improvise, adapt and overcome MANY challenges.... like little pay, long seperations and nasty duty stations.  We have to figure out how to make the best of each situation. But it is very hard to compare them both.

Do you think your spouse's job in the militay is respectable amongst other people in the military?
My husband has been 0369 (a grunt) without the ground pounders... not much happens on the battlefield.  I think as he has moved up in the ranks... he has earned the respect of many others who he works with and have even been superior to him.

Do you ever use your spouse's rank to your advantage?
I would never do that.  But being enlisted side not officer side, its useless to try.

What do you think about other military spouse's?
There are some that give the rest of us a bad name .. but there are a number of them, that are some of the strongest women I've ever met

What do you think about people who have gotten out of the military during basic or AIT for reasons on injury?
the military isn't for everyone.  But I also know after my husband was on the drill field... there are MANY that join thinking it will be a piece of cake and quickly realize they were mistaken. The Marine Corps is very physical that is for sure.  no need to keep those that are

What do you think about women who get out of the military after becoming pregnant?
this is a good reason for women NOT to be in the Corps.  If you wanna be a Marine, be a Marine.  If you wanna be a mom... then be a Mom!  I don't think you can have it both ways.
What do you think about people claiming to be gay to get out of the military?
I dont agree with it at all.  I heard it happen a number of times at Parris Island. They just cant hack it so that is an easy out...

Did you know that it is military law that you can only have sex with your spouse and only in missionary position, but it is not an enforced law?
No I didnt know that.

What would you want civilians to know about the military or military life?
We dont make a Ton of money and dont live for Free!  We earn every bit of what we get.... and still barely scrape by at times.  And to remember those who have lost their loved ones to protecting the country.

When you see movies about the military, do you notice when things aren't right?
Sure do and I LOVE to point them out to "civilians"

When your spouse sees movies about the military, do they notice when things aren't right?
Of course! and he usually points them out to me, if I dont tell him 1st.

Are you and your spouse currently, or have you ever been stationed to overseas Europe?
No.  We have only been stateside.  CA, SC and back to CA

Where did your spouse go to Basic Training?
My husband went to MCRD San Diego

Where did your spouse go to AIT?
  He went to MCT at Camp Pendleton, Ca

Do you know where Fort Lewis is, if so, where is it?

Do you know where Fort Benning is, if so, where is it?

Do you know where Fort Hood is, if so, where is it?

Do you think being a military spouse allows you to travel easily?
No... not with 4 girls in tow. :)

If you and your spouse are stationed away from home, do you miss it?
We are only 3 hours from "home" right now so it's not so bad. But when we were in SC I only made it home 1 time in 3 years. Way too expensive!

Where are you and your spouse originally from?
Simi Valley, CA

Did either you or your spouse grow up as a military child?
No but both my dad (former MP in the Army) and my FIL (former Marine, medically discharged) were in the military at one point.

If you or your spouse have grown up as a military child, what branches?

Do you have any other military spouses as friends on Blogger?
I now follow a number of blogs from lots of military wives.

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