Friday, July 23, 2010

Well at least....

We have papa and gramma!

I tell you what... In-laws SUCK! Well at least mine do.  Thing is my Marine and I have been together for going on 19 years. Ya you read that right, 19 years, come November.  We have been married for 13 years+ and have 4 beautiful girls together... plus I have a stepdaughter that was 9 months old when my marine and I started dating.  I used to have a good relationship with the in-laws but it has gone to pot within the last few years.  What it comes down to is.... THEY JUST DON'T CARE!
See my Marine has deployed 2 times within the last 2 years. The first time he left I had my stepdaughter living with us.... she is really close to the in-laws. (she is a point of LOTS of contention between us that is FOR SURE) I made ever effort to have the in-laws a part of the girls lives while my Marine was gone.  This included countless trips to Bakersfield to visit them.  Them , never once coming to see us!  Instead I traveled 5 hours being preggo and 4 girls, then having a new baby - making it 5 girls.  I finally got fed up and stopped going to see them.  They make NO effort to call my girls on their birthdays.... and yet they have ALWAYS called and sent cards on the step daughter's birthday.  They have spoiled the crap out of her and MY GIRLS get zippo from them.  It really irritates me. Not only that but they have all said some pretty rotten things about me, as a stepmom.  Yet NONE of them want to be in MY shoes and step up to the plate and do MY job!  They have NO clue what it took for me to do it ALL.... ALONE with NO help or support from them.......
LUCKILY, I had my family.  My mom (gramma) my dad (papa) and my brother (David) especially have always been here and stepped up to help and support me and the girls.  They have made the 3 hours trip to come visit on a number of occasions.  They have loved my girls and helped me out in so many ways.  I am soo glad at least I can count on my family.  Sad thing is, my Marine knows his family doesn't give a crap!  He knows and is grateful for my family and all they've done to help.  
I just have to remind myself that THEY ARE THE ONES MISSING OUT!

The whole reason for this post is.....  I have been in Simi Valley, visiting with my parents and brother since school got out pretty much.  I actually have 2 sister in laws, plus a brother in law that live here in Simi Valley too.  And yet I have never gone to visit them... they have not contacted me at all since my Marine deployed this time.  Anyways, I have said on a number of occasions, its funny Ive been here for so long and have yet to run into any of my inlaws.... well I can't say that anymore. I pulled into a parking space the other day and low and behold... one of my sister in laws was parked right in front of me, facing my car.  She looked directly at me and then looked away.  She never got out to say hi or anything.  I haven't even seen here in I believe 5 years.  She hasnt ever seen my "baby", who will be 2 in Nov.

Man, I guess I am pretty irritated by this whole thing.  Sorry for the long post.... This is why I can't stand my inlaws!!!!


  1. Jen I am sorry. I know exactly how you feel I have been going through the same thing with my in-laws. We need to get together to share stories!

  2. I would LOVE to get together Robin! Just let me know what works for you.. I am Free!

  3. How long are you visiting with your folks?

  4. I have been here pretty much since school got out in June and will be here at least another week or so.