Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's the goods.... Double Coupon day

So it was Double Coupon day yesterday.... I swear it was just yesterday that we had it!  I can't believe another month has gone by.  I have been up at my parents house for most of the last month.  Just coming home 2 times to get the mail and pick up medicines and such.  And yes come home for Double Coupon day. Anyone who knows me I LOVE coupons and saving $$$$$.  I wrote on my facebook the other day that I would be heading back to 29 just for double coupon day.  Someone commented, well as long as you save more than the cost of gas to go home.... Well, see for yourself....  here are my totals..... 
 1st = $226.10 paid $32.10 
2nd= $157.04 paid $17.81
3rd= $6.97 paid ZIPPO
4th= $244.03 paid $43.61 
5th= $122.33 paid $19.94
6th= $112.32 paid $16.78
FOR GRAND TOTALS of $868.79 and I paid $130.24 = 15% of my total.
it wasn't my BEST.... I have done better.... (check out my other totals from DOUBLE COUPON day)
I actually was really frustrated at first.  They were OUT of most of the stuff I had the GOOD coupons for.  Ya know the things that would be FREE!  Then during checkout at the 1st place, the cashier had rung up all the stuff, started doing the coupons and the register went blank!  I am not sure whether she hit the wrong key and voided it or if the register did it.... however it happened, it had to be done all over again.  I thought.... something like this happens to me EVERYTIME!!!! Either dumb cashiers who don't know math or have no clue how to do coupons..... it's ridiculous.  Just once I want a good cashier... is that too much to ask?
So here are all the goods.
 This is All the goods... minus a few drinks that the girls drank and a frozen pizza that we ate for lunch :)

my favorite is the batteries for .39 each!
check out the razors... yes they were all FREE!
all the food....  Dr. pepper 20 oz bottles for .39 with NO CRV! sweet deal


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