Thursday, July 22, 2010

You have Got to be KIDDING????

I have to start off this post by saying that I have NEVER liked talking about teeth, because talking about teeth ALWAYS leads to talking about Dentists..... and I can't stand dentists.  I have a HUGE fear of them and have ever since I was younger and had some HORRIBLE experiences with my dentist.  Thus I have been a REALLY bad mommy and have put off taking my girls to the dentist for the past few years... yes there I said it. It has been years since they went.  Daughter #2 (Sydney) was I believe 6 when she went last and she is 10 now. Yup I know I should get the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD.
Well the reason why I post this is, 2 days ago.. my oldest (Haylee) started complaining that her tooth hurt.  Oh of course it was AFTER she was in bed and SHOULD have been asleep.  So I figured it was her was of just not going to bed.  Well, its now been 2 days and she still has complained it hurts.... so off to make a dentist appt for her I went.  I found a pediatric dentist out here at my parents.  (1 of the BIG problems is there is not a dentist in 29 or surrounding area that I would even think to take my girls too)  So we now have an appt for friday morning 8am.  Oh the joys.  
Well as the day wore on, daughter #2 came to me and said Hey mom I have a loose tooth.  Sure enough a tooth, the one right in front of 1 of her molars, is loose a little.  About 45 minutes later she comes to me with tooth in hand.  She had messed with it so much she pulled it out.  Then about an hour later I asked her where her tooth was and if she had put it in a plastic bag.  She said right here.... holding up the plastic bag... then she said Right here too, showing me ANOTHER tooth in her hand.  She said the one next to that one was a little loose too after pulling the 1st one so she got that one out to.
My question is..... I don't think its "normal" to loose 15 teeth by the age of 10. Is it?  Haylee has lost 16 teeth already.  My girls have like 3 sets of teeth I swear.  They are gonna cost me a HUGE fortune to fix their poor mouths.
OH! and to top it off daughter #3 has her 1st loose tooth!  She is So excited about it and just wants it OUT NOW!!!!
Why me?  I don't wanna deal with all this?  I would Love to just pull all their teeth out and then there would be no need for braces, retainers, fillings etc.  I am really thinking of doing mine too :)


  1. Jen...I feel your pain. Two of my boys lost their teeth really early too. Collin in fact lost all his teeth, was able to have braces on and off before he even turn twelve. Hows that one for you. Noah, slowest to loss his teeth has had braces for a year and Dylan already on his second retainer. P.S. I think the pediatric dentist in Simi is a ripe off, can't stand the place. We have a great family dentist in Simi that is great with the boys if you need one.

  2. What perfect timing, lol.... We are headed to the dentist in 20 minutes. In January, our family had $600 worth of dental work (and we DO go twice a year!). I'm dreading it. I'm all for dentures! ;-)