Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes its just takes a kid.....

to remember that we have to take the time to STOP and SMELL the ROSES!

The other day I decided to get my girls outta the house and from in from of the TV and go for a walk.  I have desperately needed to get moving and TRY to lose a little (ok more like 15 lbs) weight.  I figured why not involve my girlies and make it a family affair.  So we walked for over an hour.  We walked and walked and walked!  Which is fun when you've got kids who wanna stop constantly to look at all the flowers, bug and pick up the sticks on the ground.  At first I was getting really frustrated.... but then I stopped and realized.... LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT! to NOT stop and Smell the roses!  

My girls are growing up too quick.  I already feel like I have missed out on so much.  I have been so bad at writing in my journal.  Sharing those sweet stories of my girls as they've grown.  I am so afraid that I won't remember them to tell "their" kids.
Anyways back to the walk, so we stopped... and stopped and stopped some more.
The next night, just after dinner was done daughter #3 looks at me and says   Hey when are we going on our walk tonite?  Well alrighty then... I guess if they want to I gotta right? So we walked again.  This time... I took my Camera.  Here are some of the beautiful sites along our way.
daughter #2 "posing"
daughter #3 following big sister

at one point daughter #3  said to me.... mommy I wish we could have a beautiful garden like these ones.... why cant we where we live?
my only answer for that is.... you can't grow anything in the desert!
this is our favorite... we always stop and look at it.  This is in someone yard down the street from grandmas house.
baby girl loves her walks... as long as she has her pony, cup and her ki- ki (blanket)

the colors of all the flowers are amazing!  We couldnt even pick our favorite.  The girls all kept saying This one is my favorite... no this is my favorite!

**just a sidenote.... this is the same neighborhood that I grew up in.  My parents have lived in the same house for over 30 years. so I got to show my girls where my childhood friends lived.  Where I used to babysit.  Where I went to elementary school.  And where we used to play with our friends.  It has been so much fun!**

This is what I wish I had in 29 palms...
yes... its green grass but its GREEEEEEN!  Not brown :)
we walked so long we even got to see the sunset
what an amazing site!

my girls loved to ride the scooters down the hills
this is daughter #3's COME ON MOM... STOP TAKING SO MANY PICTURES face

so I hope that by this little "lesson" from my girls I will take the time to STOP TO SMELL THE ROSES more often!

**just as another sidenote... we have now taken a walk for the last 4 nites... I think it's a habit now!**

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