Friday, July 16, 2010

SoMe OuR sUmMeR fUn.....

We have had alot of fun already this summer.... hard to believe the girls have been outta school for a month already.  These are just a few of the FUN things we've done so far this summer

the girls LOVE to build with blocks... Kelsee was amazed that she built this that was as tall as her.
she built a plane.
we've played dress up
we've gone swimming alot...
my girls are fishies... they LOVE to swim!
Haylee and Sydney have been TRYING to learn to Dive (it hasnt worked out so well)
we've hung out ALOT with Papa, Gramma and Uncle David.

(isnt she the cutest?)
We've gone to the park for a picnic
went to check out the Memorial Park. Of course my girls LOVED the Marine Corps stuff.
The also loved the water features...
(BTW.....Haylee was with us for all this fun stuff... she is just a party pooper at 12 and DOESNT like to have her picture taken)
the girls have even taken naps! of course not all at the same time... Delaney was awake when they were sleeping :( which means NO NAP for momma!
we've played outside at gramma's.... where it is MUCH COOLER than at home!
and most of all we've just been CUTE:)

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