Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is always changing!

Man, I should know by now after being married for all of my Marines military career, so far.... you can NEVER plan ANYTHING! I might have to explain this for some of you NOT military that MIGHT read this.
Let's say.....   You are given orders to move, to let's say Camp Pendleton, CA.  You are living in... let's say Parris Island, SC.  You plan the move, pay for plane tickets to fly your girls out to CA early so that you and your Marine can finish up last minute things with base housing.  You arrange for housing at Camp Pendleton, you arrange for TMO to come pack your house, you set up the transportation of vehicle #2 to CA.... and then 1 month before you are supposed to check out at Parris Island, you are notified that your orders have been changed!  WHAT?  you've got to be kidding.... to where?  oh ya, 29 Palms.... the CRAP HOLE of the earth!  (BTW this is what happened to us a little over 2 years ago)
so fast forward to now.... 2 years+ later.  My Marine has deployed 2 times in the 2 years we've been in 29 palms.  We have web orders to Hawaii (SWEET I KNOW! You are jealous huh?) He deployed in March of this year again and SHOULD return October "ish". He is to report to Hawaii no sooner than Nov 1 NO later than Nov 31.  Well there is a SLIGHT problem... he is also up for promotion to 1st Sgt this year and there is NO 1st Sgt billet available in Hawaii as of now... So we are thinking.... NO Hawaii for us :(

Honestly I will be fine wherever we get sent.... Just PLEASE DON'T keep us in the CRAP HOLE! For my Marine's sake most of all.... he REALLY needs to get outta this crap battalion! 
I've got A crap load of stuff to do before my Marine gets home.  I still have yet to clean out the garage.  Go through and get rid of crap we don't need. Sell my hubby's truck (we can't take 2 vehicles with us this time) and many other little things. Not to mention, loose about 15 lbs and find a dress for the Marine Corps Ball- that happens like right after he gets back :) OH the joys of military life.  Really I do like being a military wife, but man somedays it gets REALLY old!  Especially not being able to PLAN your life out! 

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