Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am the Luckiest girl....

(ok so before I start this... this is actually my 2nd draft of this... I deleted my whole entire entry without meaning to.... Totally stinks.  But here it goes)

I FINALLY got a phonecall today from THIS GUY......

and I could be happier... just to hear his voice.  But I think I miss him even more now :(  Its been 4 more since he left.  WOW!  time has gone by quick... but I havent talked to him since the day he left.  It made my heart melt just to hear him say... Hey honey it's me. Thats all I needed... oh and the I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU weren't too bad either. LOL
The girls got to talk to their daddy too.  Haylee started to tear up when she heard him say Hello girls.  Sydney I think was in shock.  and Kelsee well, lets just say she LOST IT!  She started to bawl as soon as she tried to talk to him.  All that she could say was I LOVE YOU DADDY and I MISS YOU!  I WANT YOU TO COME HOME NOW!  I could hear that it was hard for Matthew to hear her say that.  Poor guy.  i think it is harder for him to be gone away from us than for us to have him gone.  We have so many other things to distract us and keep our minds off him being gone.  He just has WORK! (right now he is actually doing his job, CO Gunny as well as filling the 1st Sgt. job too.)

Anyways, he got to talk to all the girls.  Even Delaney said HI Daddy!  and Bye Daddy.  I think he might have cried when he heard her talk. He has missed so much of her little life.   I wish I couldve had the camera handy to take a picture of Delaney's face when she heard her daddy talking. It was truly priceless!

(can you tell that this daddy loves his girls???)

It was so hard to say goodbye.... but we all said goodbye, I love you's and miss you's then he was gone.  I wish he really was just a phone call away.  But he's not.

You know so many people have NO CLUE just how good they have it.  But I think I have it pretty good..... yes my Marine is gone right now.  Yes we still have a few more months to go.  Yes he misses us and we miss him..... But I got to talk to him today!

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  1. Oh, YAY! I am so happy for you. Those moments on the phone are precious - hold onto them until the next time.